Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tae's First Ski Adventure

To begin with, Tae was not overtly keen with the whole skiing idea. He loved his boots and skiis, but the thought of them combined - not so much.

As we got ready to leave the car and hit the slopes, he sat there smiled sweetly at me and said "Tae wait in the car, bye bye mummy!"

Not quite the response I was hoping for;)

We got him out the car and upto the ski lift.

At the resort we were visiting you had to take the 2 seater chair lift to reach nursery slope and cafe.  As I was still suffering concussion, it was Tig's job to maneuver the 3 year old onto the chairlift. Tim and I followed on the next chair. It was quite cute to see his little skiis sticking up from behind.

Once we got to the top Tig skied down the nursery slope with him as Tim and I followed.

The plan was that I'd hang out in the cafe/sun whilst Tig took turns skiing with the boys. My head could not manage any skiing.

When he actually got to ski down the slope he LOVED it.  He shrieked and giggled the whole way down.

Tig managed to get him on the button lift and made a few times trips down with him between his legs.

 Then Tim took over and did the same (have I mentioned what an amazing big brother he is:).

Quite a few people approached Tig and asked how old he was. He did look very small and petite in his snow suit, helmut and skiis.

Then it was time to chill out with mummy whilst Tim and Tig hit the big slopes!

At the end of the day we had to ski back down the mountain.

This time Tae managed to ski the whole way down a very long green run just holding Tig and then my hand!! He did so well.

The next day after a bit of skiing, it all got a bit too much and he decided to take a lunchtime sleep in the cafe!

My little skier


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  1. I adore the fact that your boys are so sweet to each other!!!