Sunday, 30 June 2013

Best Friends

I had a whirlwind entrance to my summer visit to the England this year.

I landed, cleared passport control, grabbed my luggage and arrived to my folks home efficiently by 1 pm last Wednesday.

By 3 pm, Tim and Tae had been whisked off to play at my sisters house with their cousins and I was sitting on a train station on my way for a 24 hr trip to see my girls!!

The beautiful K picked me up at the station near where she was staying and we set off to London to catch up with the other 2!!

I love my best friends, but with busy lives, children, jobs, husbands and the small detail of living in three different counties it takes some coordination to get together.

I cannot believe it had been 3 years since we were last sharing a glass of wine!

They are my grounding. They will always be there for me. They know me and understand without the need for words. I am lucky to have them in my life, even if we are not physically together so much - that is simply logistics, some friendships are beyond that.

After an evening staying with F. and her family (and talking past 2 am) we met N. for a day, just to hang out and catch up!

We started off with coffee and a little shopping.

Before moving onto to a looooong lunch!!

We settled into Jamie's Italian and the talking and laughter did.not.stop!!

Most of the discussions and catching up can not be repeated :0

Love you ladies!! 

K. and I have decided, we are not getting old we are just improving with age ;)

20 year old friendships are THE best!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Mum's End of Year Report!

Today is the last day of Grade 6 - Summer break starts NOW, even though it is raining!

Tim has grown up and changed quite a bit this school year. 

He has become more independent, taken responsibility for his own school work and overall started to figure out what he wants all by himself - trying to change that idea or even give an opinion has also at times had its challenges;)

I am very proud of all the work and progress he has achieved. He has consistently performed very well in tests across all areas of the curriculum and excelled at sports.

It should be interesting to see what Grade 7 brings!!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tim's Birthday!!

It feels like I turned around and suddenly Tim has grown up! 

Where did my baby boy go??

18 months old

Tim turned 12 years old on the 14th June.

His day started when he came entered the living room and was greeted by 12 balloons.

I stuffed the balloons with money and messages before blowing them up.

One message read 'give mummy a kiss if you want to continue popping balloons;)'

He is not a morning person, but soon woke up when he realised money was involved!

He had lots of fun popping away and counting his money.

After school, it was present time.

The day finished off with dinner out at TGI Fridays in town.

A very happy boy:)