Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tim's Birthday!!

It feels like I turned around and suddenly Tim has grown up! 

Where did my baby boy go??

18 months old

Tim turned 12 years old on the 14th June.

His day started when he came entered the living room and was greeted by 12 balloons.

I stuffed the balloons with money and messages before blowing them up.

One message read 'give mummy a kiss if you want to continue popping balloons;)'

He is not a morning person, but soon woke up when he realised money was involved!

He had lots of fun popping away and counting his money.

After school, it was present time.

The day finished off with dinner out at TGI Fridays in town.

A very happy boy:)

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  1. Happy Birthday Tim! Tim looks younger than 12 with his sweet cherubby face.:-)
    All the best