Sunday, 30 June 2013

Best Friends

I had a whirlwind entrance to my summer visit to the England this year.

I landed, cleared passport control, grabbed my luggage and arrived to my folks home efficiently by 1 pm last Wednesday.

By 3 pm, Tim and Tae had been whisked off to play at my sisters house with their cousins and I was sitting on a train station on my way for a 24 hr trip to see my girls!!

The beautiful K picked me up at the station near where she was staying and we set off to London to catch up with the other 2!!

I love my best friends, but with busy lives, children, jobs, husbands and the small detail of living in three different counties it takes some coordination to get together.

I cannot believe it had been 3 years since we were last sharing a glass of wine!

They are my grounding. They will always be there for me. They know me and understand without the need for words. I am lucky to have them in my life, even if we are not physically together so much - that is simply logistics, some friendships are beyond that.

After an evening staying with F. and her family (and talking past 2 am) we met N. for a day, just to hang out and catch up!

We started off with coffee and a little shopping.

Before moving onto to a looooong lunch!!

We settled into Jamie's Italian and the talking and laughter did.not.stop!!

Most of the discussions and catching up can not be repeated :0

Love you ladies!! 

K. and I have decided, we are not getting old we are just improving with age ;)

20 year old friendships are THE best!


  1. How lovely to see you AND your friends. They look like good gals to have around and a good laugh which is very important. Hope you have a good rest of the hols here - get that shopping done!

  2. Aw...what a lovely post - you guys look like you had an absolute ball. Enjoy your trip home!! AXx