Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Up in the sky

This is what happens when you have to get up at 03.45 to catch the 06.00 flight to spend time with your family over Easter.

Im used to flying with the boys on my own, however, we ALL needed waking up a little during our stop over and luckily my best friend Mr Starbucks was on hand to help out:) A vey happy mummy indeed!!

It was not too long before we were up in the air again. No sleeping this time, just lots of playing and fun. Tae kept himself happily entertained with his car collection and looking out of the window at the clouds and aircraft wing....

...and Tim was heaven, Tig's new Ipad had arrived the day before we flew and he got to play a selection of new games on it.

and me?? I was just happy to sit back, relax and count my blessing that I have two fabulous sons who travel really well;)

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