Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ski trip Day 1

So we got up early, had a yummy breakfast, took what seemed like forever to layer up and get the children kitted out and we headed to the slopes. Tae and G had fun playing monster in the middle of this too.

The cabin was ski in and out, but G drove the car down with the non skiers on the first day:)

The boys were very excited and ready to go. It took Tae a while to get his ski legs again after a year break;)

The snow kept coming and we had lovely fresh snow to ski on!

We made our base at the bottom of the green slope and let the children loose. Tae, went up the lift quite a few times, but equally enjoyed just playing in the snow!

Tim loved it all and was constanly up and down. We took turns going up and down the button lift with Tae and taking him down between our legs. He held himself quite well. He liked it best when our friend F went very fast with him!

Our friend F certainly worked hard, he was either teaching the non skiers on the green slope or taking the skiers to the top of the mountain to ski fast on the big runs:) 

That gave I and I a chance to chill out at the bottom:) Both I & G have not beeing down hill skiing in years. G mentioned something about since the 1970's! :0

However, everyone got there skiis on and had a blast!

Off they all went and quickly zipped down again.

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