Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas Eve Part 1

Christmas Eve started as it does each year, with the boys getting new PJ's and their personal photo albums. 

Both were a big hit this year. Tae had his Gingerbread man pj's (which were very cute and even came with a hat!) and Tim had some cool coke-cola pj bottoms!

For lunch we had the traditional rice porridge and the lucky person who got an almond in theirs got the prize! Surprisingly there were 4 almonds, one for each grandchild:)

We then put a few gifts in a black bag and put them out by the front door, rang the bell and sent Tae to open the door - he was so excited that Father Christmas has dropped off some of his presents. We then explained he had 'magically' put all the others in Farmor's bedroom. He totally believed this:))

I attempted to get some photos of everyone all dressed up, but this was not easily done!

Thank goodness they cooperated in the end!

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