Friday, 4 April 2014

Another First

This week I 'survived' another major first...

My wedding anniversary

 15 years ago I married the love of my life.

When I look back from April 1999 to today, it is wonderful to see how many memories we built together over the years.

We never really make a big thing surrounding our wedding anniversay date - 

We made a big thing of being happy (and at times crazy) together on the other 364 days of the year instead;)

We would aknoweldge it, some years buy presents, chocolates or flowers. Usually had a nice meal at home and sometimes out.

Being 15 years I'm sure, we may have headed out to dinner this year. Instead, I will be sitting home with my boys in bed sleeping and planning a dinner for one of fresh prawns, bread, lemon and mayo, all washed down with a chilled bottle of white wine.

Last year on FB I posted this:

"My dear husband reminded me today that in Norway it is normal to be released from prison after 14 years served of the maximum 21 years that is a life sentence here. Love you Stig, Happy Anniversary - 14 years and counting!"

Comments like that was typical Stig - and sums up why I loved him so much.

Love you babes!

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  1. Liz:) Jeg vet ikke om du legger merke til det selv. Men alle bildene du legger ut at deg og Stig, er tatt sammen med meg og Gynther. Det betyr at vi har vært med på hele denne reisen:) Og, det er ett gedigent hull i hjertet som jeg ikke vet hva jeg skal gjøre med! Tusenvis av bilder med gode minner,uansett hvilke årstall vi blar opp i! Jeg vet du tror du er alene, men vi er aldri lengre enn ett knips unna! Stigs tradisjon med å invitere seg selv er en god ting! Du er ikke alene!