Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tae - My Mountain Man

Tae's barnahage is amazing. 

Each year they set the goal for their oldest group to climb each of the seven mountains surrounding our city. 

I am talking MOUNTAINS and not hills!!!

The children all have their own special backpacks, lunch boxes and drink bottles.

They climb one mountain at a time.

They must pack their bags themselves at home and be able to carry everything they need themselves all day.

By the time lunch, a drink and snacks are packed it is not that light!

He has been very excited each of the days he has set off for a major hike! I am very proud of him.

So far they have managed 3 mountains. The mountains conquered so far are 400, 477 and 643 meters above sea level.

We see the mountain that is 643m from our garden:

and yes he DID walk all the way to the top:))


  1. I love things like this that push boundaries for little ones ... but in a good way. I have to admit, I think my George would complain every step of the way - he's a lazy tyke!

    Well done Tae!

    1. I know they certainly do lots of outdoor events I would never dream of doing with so small children, but it is amazing what they manage:)