Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tim's promotion to 11-a-side!

In Norway, the rule is that you start playing 5-a-side football when you are 6 years old. At 9 years old you move on to 7-a-side.

Finally when you are 12 years old you start 11-a-side on a full side pitch.

Tims started playing for his team straight away in Grade 1. I can count on both my hands the amount of training sessions he has missed in the last 5 years!

He is now in his final year of 7-a-side football. His team played their final league game of the season this week, but they still have a few cups to play!
Last week a few of the trainers at his club chose 15 players from all the 2001 boys to start an 11-a-side training team. Tim was chosen!
It is quite a privilege and I am very proud of him. Only 3 boys from his team were chosen. It means he will now practise with 2 teams. The 7-a-side team and the 11-a-side team.
The 11-a-side team had their first match this week. A friendly against a team of boys one year older. They won 13-2!!

It was strange seeing him play on such a huge pitch. The first half he was in defence. The second half he played midfield/attack.

He did great and even set up a couple of the goals.
Obviously, this will involve more training time, but as long as he enjoys it - let's be honest, he loves his football, I'm happy to organise and juggle the timetable for drop off and pick ups:)

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