Monday, 8 October 2012

Lego Creation

Tae always does things in his own time - in his own way.
Always has and I suspect always will.
Lego is no exception to this.
Last Christmas he inherited the best duplo collection from his big brother.
This included the farm, artic and zoo collecton.
It has sat in a big chest in the playroom since then.
I have got it out, encouraged him to play with it, made things for him, but no joy.
Until recently. He has taken a few pieces out, played a little with the figures, tried to construct a few cars - generally pottered around with it.
This morning when he went downstairs he obviously decided today was THE day.
The boy is an all or nothing kinda guy!
When I came down, I walked into the playroom and was greeted by his creation
He proudly told me it was a cruise ship.
I especially love that he created the funnel on the top.
I was impressed - not bad for the first creation of a 3 year old.
He has continued to play with his cruise ship all morning!

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