Friday, 12 October 2012

Autumn Break

This Autumn break has been unlike most others.
Firstly, we stayed home the whole time.

Secondly, we had no agenda, big plans or activities scheduled.
We just chilled.
Because that is what we needed to do!
I caught up on all those small niggly jobs I have needed to do forever.
I've cleaned, dusted, decluttered, organised and bought a new rug. I also did plenty of studying (but, not as much as I should have).
The boys .....I let them do whatever they wanted!!! Shock, horror, a first in this house;)

Tim was especially happy with this idea:)
Basically I did not schedule their time - suggest things or organise trips. So even though the weather has been sunny skies on some days, I decided to let them choose.
There has been computer, TV, piano and music playing by one son. Cartoons, train tracks, walking around with his manbag (redbucket filled with planes & cars), lego, drawing and play kitchen by the other.

Obvioulsy, I have been here and hung out with them, having no agenda for the week has been really weird for me. (I nearly caved in and took them ice skating - the next day Tim's friend called and invited him so he ended up going anyway:)
However, they survived and I think they enjoyed the cosy, hermit style existence we have had!

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