Friday, 5 October 2012

After Bathtime

I love the time after the bath,
the hair is wet,
they smell all yummy,
those little feet,
and toes.
The pj's,
the cheeky smile,

the promise of quiet time to come:)

((Tae has reached a new level of awareness recently. Tonight at bedtime I asked him who should take him to bed tonight - mummy or pappa? His answer, 'Tim'. I explained Tim was out at a party (which he knew very well as he'd asked when Tim was coming home) so perhaps mummy could do it. His answer, 'No mummy, Tae wait for Tim to come home - Tim put Tae to bed'. The little monkey - not sure if it was -  a) I'm not going to bed if he's out partying or b) I am putting off going to bed as long as possible or c) both a & b.))


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