Tuesday, 21 May 2013

17th May continued....

After all the photos taken in the garden, we headed into town. We met a few people we knew, hung out, and hit the funfair.

This year it was a very quick trip. There were so many people and it was rather noisy. Tae really didn't like it, so we headed home for lunch.

After lunch it was time to take part in the school parade. Tim walked with his class and Tae and I walked at the back with his barnehage.

In true tradition it began to rain. However, the boys still had a great time.

Tae enjoyed his ice cream and Tim spent the whole time working the lucky spinning wheel. 

As you can see, Tim's school is undergoing major repairs. This meant less space available this year:(

It is Grade 6's responsibility to man the stands. Money raised from this activity goes towards their end of school celebrations when they leave the school at the end of Grade 7. 

He had lots of fun and took his job very seriously - Most of the stalls were simple activities like organising a sack race. His was a little more complex. He had to hand out the name cards, work out the system of multiple buying discounts, provide change, spin the wheel, declare the winner and hand out prizes!! Apparently it was not as simple as it looked with big crowds demanding his attention:)

Tae took his job of eating ice cream seriously too;0

We finished off the day racing home, packing the car and driving off to Hardanger for the weekend!!

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