Friday, 24 May 2013

Classy Ladies!!

Since moving to Norway I have learnt many things.

A key person in developing my new skills and knowledge has been the fabulous I.

Along with chopping wood and how to be a Norwegian mother, she has taught me an appreciation of fine foods and champagne!

Also that life on an island is relaxed - comfort and practicality is the key!

It is not just anyone who can carry off wearing Crocs, whilst carrying champagne and a truffle sausage over a meadow!

I am still amazed she had me on a neighboring island picking wild garlic. (It makes the most amazing oil!) Loved the picking, but due to potential snakes we had to wear our wellie boots!!

FYI - I have the BIGGEST snake phobia ever!

Can't beat wellie boots, shorts, cap and beer combo! My mother would be proud:)

I. you have taught me well;)

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