Thursday, 29 December 2011

Julenisse comes to visit

A Norwegian tradition is that Julenisse (Father Christmas) comes to the house on Christmas eve, talks to the children and hands out a couple of presents.

This was the first year Tae had experienced it!!

When Nisse first arrive he was a little unsure.

Then, he broke the ice by saying 'Here Nisse, have sweetie!!'

He sat on his knee and just gawped at him....

Until he realised the big guy brought presents:)


Tim was VERY happy that Nisse bought him front row tickets to see Bear Grylls when he comes to our town!!

He was so happy he even agreed to a picture with Tae and 'Nisse';)

Nisse left lots of gifts under the tree for after dinner and went on his way until next year!

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