Monday, 12 December 2011

Visiting Nisse 2011

Each year when we go to cut down our Christmas tree we visit the Old Nisse in his log cabin.

He sits behind a large old desk and writes with a feather pen in his book.

He asks the children their name, where they live, how old they are, what they want for Christmas and whether they have been good or not!!

Tae was first up!! He was very skeptical of Nisse and Tim had to talk for him. It was agreed that since his birthday is in 2 weeks he would be recorded as 3 years old! He asked for cars.

Cousin I was next and she requested a computer bag and when asked if she had been good, her answer was so, so:) A perfect diplomat in the future.

Next up was Tim's turn. He told him his name and address and requested an ipod touch.

Then came the million dollar question.... 'Have you been good ALL year!'

Tim quickly and confidently answered 'YES!!'

Nisse, put down his feather pen, sat back in his chair, crossed his arms, smiled and asked 'Are you sure?'

Tim giggled and answered yes again.

Nisse lent behind him and pulled out the 'Nisse lie detector test machine'!!

He explained how it worked.

Tim had to place a finger on each sensor and answer a number of questions.
When he answered his name and where he lived the machine flashed green!
When he answered if he had been good ALL year the red light flashed!!

It was very funny. Tig and I were in fits of laughter watching it all!

Luckily Nisse explained he had been good enough this year, so he should be OK;)

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