Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pepperkakeby / Gingerbread Town 2011

During December a large white tent is home to the largest Gingerbread Town in the world. There are hundreds of tiny houses, churches, schools, boats, buses and even an Eiffel Tower;)

As you enter the smell of gingerbread greets you. The lighting is soft and the atmosphere magical.

Christmas songs are being quietly played in the background and a tiny toy train chuggs its way around heading in and out of tunnels.

This year we went with my sister in law and cousins I & E, who were in town visiting us.

All the houses have been made by schools, nurseries, private people and some local companies. It is a wonderful tradition.

Some are perfect and have taken hours to make and decorate, whilst others have the 3 year old, put as many sweeties as you can fit on (Tae) approach. Each one has its beauty.

Sadly this year, Tae could not join us. He had been partying a little too hard with our visitors and needed a good 2 hour catch up nap at home with Pappa and Uncle!

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