Monday, 3 February 2014

Christmas Part 1

Ok - I have been switched off for a while and not been good at blogging our lives! 

In order to catch up and record the memories I'm doing a serious of major photo dumps - Mostly to record Christmas 2014.

We did do the run up as normal. Farmor came to visit and we made gingerbread figures and other christmas biscuits. We watched festive films and decorated the Christmas tree. This year went in a different direction for the tree. Tim chose a white fake tree and all the purple decorations himself (look out for photo evidence;) It was quite 'special' and brought lots of smiles to my boys faces (proof that I am a good mother;) We also did the calendars and decorated gingerbread houses. We ate traditional Norwegian food early in December when Farmor visited and traditional English food on a quick weekend to visit my folks in England.

However, overall, we kinda chose to skip the whole Christmas thing. 

It would have been too hard and for one year a little change was a good thing. 

We could not completely avoid the festivities as a certain soon to be 5 year old was very excited about Father Christmas visiting and new the whole drill!!

So the boys and I celebrated Christmas on the 21st December by ourselves. 

We started early with the stockings. I am quite proud I managed to do their annual photo books for them and also ordered a special framed canvas for each boy. So this is how it played out......

I did miss sharing the magic with Stig, but joy, laughter and fun was had by the boys and they were soooo happy and proud of their new framed pictures!

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