Monday, 7 May 2012

Classic Concussion - Dizzy's Version

So, what is classic concussion??

Well, I can tell you what it means to me after my accident in mid February.

Reaching for a bottle of water with one hand and dropping the cup of coffee being held in the other.

Basically being more clumsy than normal.

Lack of coordination, can't stand on one leg with eyes closed without wobbling and putting foot down in under 3 seconds! (Usually no problem - I was a gymnast) They had me do this at the hospital and I kept trying, it took 3.5 weeks until I could do it again!! Arms stretched out, close eyes and one arm keeps dropping:(

NO short term memory:

Not remembering how to do simple tasks.

Not knowing you can't remember something until someone asks you!

When someone asks if you've booked your summer holiday, sitting there thinking you are sure you have, but have a complete blank in your mind (This has been planned in detail and booked months ago!).

Going to the shop and having to go around the vegtable dept 5 times to locate brocolli!

Whilst on above food shopping trip looking at every.single.item. on my list to see what I need next - and yes criss crossing the store to get it all.

Being a tad emotional and easy to cry (experiencing above whilst shopping is an example)

Going to the kitchen to make a coffee and looking at the cupboards for a few moments before focusing and 'remembering' which one has the mugs in.

Feeling like everything is going in slow motion.

Having to really concentrate to get things out of my head and onto my tongue.

Have people telling me I have just spoken absolute nonsense - well, it made sense to me:)

Saying the wrong word and realising myself 3 seconds later. The wrong word is usually from the correct word group (kind of;), ie, put another 'rock' on the fire, put the clothes away in your 'kitchen'.

Thinking actually can hurt your head!!!

Dare I admit it - being a little bit short tempered and snappy. (Because I am sooooo patient normally;)

Only allowing myself 20 minutes at a time on the computer or reading to avoid headaches

Muzzy head

No concept of time. If I have to be somewhere for a specific time, I have to really keep focused until I leave. Normally this is something I do not even register needing to do. Also the last days, weeks... they kinda blur, feels only a week ago a banged my head.

Not really linked to concussion, but the point of impact really hurts for weeks afterwards - key phrase in our house 'keep away from mummy's face'

Using the wrong key for the wrong door. I have 3 main keys on my keyring. All colour coded (can you say OCD anyone??), but I randomly try to put the wrong colour in the wrong door - never normally happens.

Well, I wrote all the above the about 4 weeks after my accident.

I have come a long way.

I can now:

read 4 things on a shopping list and get them - yep I actually have challenged myself and kept count,
put the washing on and not forget I did it,
use the correct key for the door!

Headaches are seriously cut down to a couple a week.
I only have a small area on the bridge of my nose that is still a no touch zone.

Some of my short term memory has come back, but if you don't see me write it on a post it or put it into my phone, dont expect me to remember;)

I am better at guessing the concept of time, but not quite there yet. Whether it was one week ago or two, doesn't seem to register with me just yet, but it is getting there.

I'm back at work and it's going great. Monday to Wednesday I can function really well. Then I hit my limit, Thursday I get through with a mussy head and being a bit scatty. Thursday night my speech is not great and I can struggle to get words out of my head and I'm more likely to use the wrong words. Friday is my day off and that means passed out on the sofa or taking it really easy. Weekends still require lots of rest so that I can get through Mon-Thurs.

So progress people = a very happy Dizzy!

FYI, Tig has been an absolute star - seriously love him!!

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