Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Afternoon on the Mountain

Today was a beautiful sunny day and a bank holiday in Norway.

We started the day with a lazy brunch, then Tig and I relaxed on the deck having a coffee whilst the boys played in the garden.

Instead of catching up on jobs around the house we decided to enjoy the sun and blue skies and try out a new walking area we have not been to before.

So we packed a backpack, Gps'ed the parking options and jumped in the car!

The pathway started out quite smooth and flat and Tae ran the whole time.

Soon, it went steeper and more rocky and he needed help from Tim. We knew the route we chose was long, but we didn't quite expect it to be so rocky:) 

The boys were loving it and it was hard to keep them still enough for me to capture any photos.

After about one hour hiking, the boys were ready for a pit stop!

Then it was time to check out the map and head off again.

Along the second part of the trail there are wooden scultures dotted around. Some you have to look really hard to spot!!

The trail not only became alot more rocky, it also had parts with wooden planks to walk along between the trees.  Tae had a blast running along these. His favourite cartoon at the moment is Chugginton and he thought the planks were like a railroad.
Throughout the walk the boys played tag and tickle. By the end Tae was getting really tired so Tim started playing hide and seek with him by running ahead and hiding, jumping out and surprising him to keep him going. There was lots of giggles and skrieking going on. It was no surprise that two minutes after climbing into the car a certain three year old was fast asleep.

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