Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mucky Face

One of my favourite things I love to see when I collect my boys from nursery or school is a dirty face!!

If they are dirty and messy, the chances are they had a great day:)

Today when I arrived to pick Tae up, he was sitting in the dirt, spade in one hand and a digger truck by his feet - he was in heaven.

The staff explained they had spent the whole day on the grassy areas on the mountain behind the daycare. It is one of the advantages of him attending an outdoor/fresh air philosophy barnehage, they are outside in the rain, snow and sunshine! It has a brook, trees, slightly hilly and a flat part. They said he was in his element. Without the distraction of toys, he played beautifully with the other children and even sang them a song (he usually only does this when he is on his own in his playroom;)

He was worn out when he came home and needed cleaning up before relaxing.

Just enough until bathtime and bed.

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