Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Random weekly update!

After a crazy busy 17th May, Tim has continued to have an active time.

On Friday he went off into town with his friends (the first time on his own). He is part of a small film club and they went and filmed on top of the city centre mountain. I felt quite brave letting him take the tram himself and being there on his own. However, his friends are very sensible and he did have his mobile with him...and yes I did call him to check in;)

The next was spent on another mountain next to our house. He has joined a role play group. They meet every month, dress up and behave in character something similiar to Robin Hood. They are divided into 4  tribes, each tribe has a base camp and after meeting and having a strategy/story update they basically run around the mountain role playing in character. It lasts the whole day. He was dressed up in a tunic and had a latex sword. He named his character Shadow Knight and he came from a rich family. He loved it and has requested his own sword for his birthday before next months meeting.

Since then we have slowed the pace down a little and had some time relaxing at home. Both boys are quite the cuddlers:) They often snuggle up to each other on the sofa and hang out on the iPad or watching TV.

On top of chilling out, we have embraced crazy hair and hat wear!

and began our bbq season ....

Our new best friend comes in this little bottle. We discovered it in December, but now we could not manage with it!

It is Mr Tae's Lactose tablets. This means he can have his beloved cheese again. It also means life is easier when cooking dinner. Simply things like lasagne are back on the menu:) We do still use lactose free milk and cream and only use the tablets a few times a week, but it makes such a difference.

The BIGGEST impact these little tablets have is that my boy can eat ice cream:)))
Yes, he had never eaten it and has now certainly got the taste. He loves him some ice cream.

He will squish up next to me and whisper 'ice lolly mummy'. I know he doesn't mean the type with fruit juice as he quickly follows it with 'go get tablet mummy. Tae have his tablet!'
Since it is warm and summery this week - how can I say no!

Yes, I admit I make him sit on his special chair to eat his ice cream and not on mummy's lovely new sofa's :0

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