Thursday, 17 May 2012

17th May 2012 Part 2 - Tivoli Time

According to Tim, it is not the 17th May unless we visit the Tivloi!

So after getting dressed up in our best clothes we added rain jackets and jumped into the car;)

It may have been raining, but the boys still had a blast. We met up with our friends which added to the fun. It meant that Tim could go off on the fast and scary rides with O. and the delightful T. happily sat on train rides and followed Tae wherever he wished to go.

The boys loved the rides as well as the stalls. Tae had a go at fishing and won a little fish, whist Tim played a water jet game and won a hat!

Then it was onto the rides.....

Before we met up with T. mummy had to suck it up and join Tae on the flying bug ride (the real measure of true love;)

Thankfully T. then took over.

Until he was brave enough to go it alone.

We actually met up with O. whilst he was sitting alone waiting for this ride to start. I've never seen Tim run onto a ride to join his friend so quickly.

A few rides later, we obvioulsy had to make a sugar stop.

Then Tim and O. stepped it up by going on a really fast and scary ride. Tig and I were very happy we no longer have to go on rides with Tim, because otherwise there is no way he'd have a chance!


Tim and O. thought it was such a great ride they went on it twice :o

After 2 full hours of sugar and fun, it was time to head home for a quick pit stop before heading to the school parade!

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