Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sick Weekend:(

The weekend started off very promising on Friday night with dinner out and late night shopping for the whole family.

Then Saturday arrived.......

Poorly boy number one entered our room early in the morning with a fever. No complaining, just climbed in our bed and fell asleep... until 11.30am!!

When we finally got up and went downstairs I asked him is he had an ouch anywhere. He lifted he top pointed to his tummy and said 'there'. This was followed 10 minutes later by the need for a bucket:(

So this is how our day progressed:

There were a few changes of clothes needed, no food eaten and very little drink:(

All he requested was cuddles with mummy, or rather 'mummy I neeeeed cuddles and I need sleep'.

Then Sunday arrived.......

Luckily, Tae woke up brighter. Not eating too much, still a fever, but leaving the sofa to play and no bucket needed.

However, someone else in the house had woken early with tummy ache and had sat in his bed reading before getting up.

So a quiet day watching movies and playing the computer in between chilling out has been needed.

At least next week is only 3 days as we will celebrate 17th May and then have the following day free from school:)

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