Thursday, 17 May 2012

17th May 2012 Part 4 - School Parade

After a quick coffee and piece of cake, it was out again to walk with Tim's school in the parade. (I had to do a quick outfit change due to a wardrobe malfunction at the Tivoli;)

Tim's class had made a new banner in woodwork and they were very proud of it.

Tim explained he'd suggested making the banner in the shape of a mountain as the school sits on the side of a mountain. They included the surrounding houses and the school too. I think they did a great job!

Tim even helped carry the banner part of the way as they walked.

Tae was very tired by this point so I put him in the stroller and pushed him the route. He fell asleep after 5 minutes of walking! When we reached the school playground, Tim hung out with his friends whist I caught up with some friends and had much needed coffee!

We have had a very busy, and fun time celebrating Norways constituation day!

The sofa is calling to me, Tae sleeps and Tim will soon follow him!

Hip, hip hurray to the 17th May!!

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