Sunday, 29 September 2013

Night at the Aquarium

Friday night we headed into town to explore the Aquarium by night!

Tae's favourute cartoon is The Octonaughts. Everything to do with under the sea is a big hit in our house just now.

It was so much fun!!

Complete darkness inside.

Everyone was walking around with torches and shining them on the fish.

Tae's favourite were the sharks, although the sea lions were popular too.

Tim just followed around humouring his little brother!

He even kindly took him down to the reptile area. This is one mother with a seriously snake phobia! No level of love would have had me down there!!

In fairness, I am quite impressed at how the photos came out - given that I was snapping away in darkness with only torch light to identify my children:0

Obviously, we had to stop off and have an ice cream break on our way around.

The evening was completed by hanging out with the penguins.

By the time they were ready to leave I had a very tired 4 year old. 

So being a fabulous big brother, Tim gave Tae a ride back to the car.

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