Saturday, 21 September 2013

Basement - painting with friends!

Our previous tennant moved out of the basement apartment. 

They had been there quite a few years. It was looking very tired, needed some plastering work and then completely painting!

I sent a message to a few friends letting them know I would be painting from Sunday afternoon and each night until it was finished. I invited anyone who wanted to come a long to help;)

....and they came:))

Thank you to E, L, J & B.

They were amazing and each day or evening I had a different buddy to keep me comapny. The fact they were all fabulous painters was a bonus.

I tackled the celilings and am very proud I can now add this to my skill set.

The delightful J & B were amazing on the woodwork finish. E & L did a wonderful job on the walls and panelling. 

I was most impressed with E. She had NEVER painted before and she was very good.

It felt great to have it finished. It is now back to its clean and bright glory!!

Feels so good that it is ready to rent out again - and I get to hang out with my boys and sit on my sofa in the evenings (for a little while anyway;)

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