Saturday, 28 September 2013

Nana's Visit

My mum did a flying visit last weekend.

She arrived at midnight Friday and left again Monday evening. 

I love that there is now a direct flight between our cities.

A special thanks to my friends S & J who came over and babysat Tae whilst I took Tim to the airport to collect her.

We had a busy weekend. I had lots of little jobs around the house that needed sorting and it was lovely to have company and help to get them done. 

My dining room has now been blasted and completely decluttered including all drawers and cupboards:0

The boys enjoyed time with Nana both inside and outside.

She got to sit and supervise Mr Tae as he showed her all his scooter tricks!

It flew by quickly, but we squeezed quite a lot into 3 days. All the goodies she brought with her were especiallly appreciated too;)

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