Sunday, 9 October 2011

Road Trip - West Coast of Norway

Norway has some amazing scenery especially along the west coast.

We often take a trip to visit my MIL which takes us through this beautiful landscape.

The journey takes in valleys, mountains, fjords, waterfalls, rivers streams, tunnels, rockfaces and farmland.

Just keep repeating the above for 6 to 7 hours and you have our trip!

So on Saturday morning we loaded the car with our luggage (including Fluffy), packed a huge bag of snacks and drinks, clicked the boys in their seat belts and hit the road.

Both boys are good at traveling and take six hours sitting in the car within their stride. In fairness the help of a DVD player and iPad also help too! So does a little snooze during the trip...

The trip is also broken up by 2 ferry rides.

Of course since it is officially Autumn break and a Saturday, ice cream was on the menu.

Not long before the last stretch to Farmors house:)

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