Friday, 28 October 2011

My new cleaner!!

A certain member of our family had a slight attitude issue the other day. The consequences of which meant that all computer and TV rights were removed for the evening. (Don't mess with mummy;)

After a few hours pacing, reading, huffing and puffing, he politely asked if there was ANYTHING he could do to have some laptop time before bed.

Hmmm, I'm all for giving a second chance and since the first job on a long list for the next day involved vaccing and mopping the whole of downstairs I had an idea that appealed to me:D

Of course his shadow had to get in on the action too;)

I was very impressed with how quickly he said "OK great", and then the commitment that was shown. He really did a good job!!!

He took it very seriously and I loved that he removed his socks and rolled up his jeans to do the mopping:))

Seriously this boy is going to make someone a great husband one day!!!

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