Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fun Facts about Tim & Tae

Tim's favourite things at 10 years old

Films:   Harry Potter & Original Karate Kid
Food:   Pizza & Pasta

Toys:   Playstation 3

 Hobbies:   Football, fishing & riding his bike
Gadget:   Laptop and ipad2

Expressions:   "Ya think?" & "Just saying!" (Oh joy - sarcastic at 10!)

Tae's favourite things at 2 years old!

Cartoons:  The Gruffalo, Thomas the Tank Engine, Kipper & Bob the Builder
Food:   Yogurt, eggs, sausage, pasta

Toys:   Cars & books
 Soft toy:   Monkey & Scout the talking dog
Hobbies:   Looking and pointing out ANY form of transport
Gadget:   ipad2

Expressions: "Ok, yes" "Go and look at boats?" & "Can I have cuddles?"

and sometimes, they just enjoy hanging out together!

Oh.... and obviously number 1 favourite is cuddles with mummy;)

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