Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pumpkin Time

It's Pumpkin time!!!

In our house this usually means a lot of mess and both Tim and Tae getting stuck right in.

Tae was not too impressed emptying out his pumpkin with his hand. He would only use the spoon. He didnt like the yucky feel of it:)

Tim was very proud of himself. This is the first year he did his pumpkin ALL by himself (with only a little complaining his wrist ached).

Serious concentration.

Tae was very uncertain about the finished pumpkins - in fact he kept running away from them and hiding.

The only way he would let me take his picture was if I placed his pumpkin near his feet. However, the look on his face is a true Tae expression . "Im sitting here, but don't ask me to like it!!"

After bath time and with his monster pj's on he warmed up!

Tim chose his idea from the internet and we decided Tae would love a car. Instead of finding a car on the internet, Tim wanted to draw one for his brother.

It might not be the most fancy pumpkin design, but it was drawn and cut out with buckets of love, which makes it pretty cool in my book :D

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