Friday, 24 February 2012

Not my best moment!

On Wednesday I went on the annual Ski day with the school I work at. I have been skiing on and off since I was 14 years old.

I am not the worst skier and can't actually remember the last time I fell over.

Funny enough, I can't actually remember falling on Wednesday either;)

I do however, remember a sharp pain to my face and then lying face down looking at the snow.

I managed to get up, locate my lost ski (about one metre behind me), pick up pieces of my smashed glasses and ski down.

Tig drove out, picked me up and we went to the local A&E department. Amazingly they saw me straight away and sent me off the the hospital.

They admitted me for obsevations and gave me a CT scan on my head to rule out bleeding and to check my nose (suspected broken - words can not describe the pain!). Who knew trying to get your date of birth from inside your head onto your tongue could be so challenging and take such concentration;)

Luckily the CT scan came back clear and they let me go home with a sick note, instructions on what I can and can't do and told to have lots of rest.

I've never had concussion before and my body only wants to sleep. I also have a hard time thinking and making decisions.

Tae had been sweet and says 'mummy ouch - no touch' while pointing to my face;)

Today I am much better, although my body has now realised it was in an impact and is quite sore. I suspect I may have sprained my shoulder too.

Since I was skiing really slowly at the time it happend I think I will just whizz down the slopes in the future!! - but not for quite some time:))

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  1. Good grief! What a shiner you have! Hope you're feeling better soon! :)