Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pants Optional

Mr Tae is embracing being 4 years old in his own way:)

He is quite specific regarding the clothes he likes and wants to wear. Everyday he has to choose which hat or coat to wear before we head off to barnehage.

His latest weekend attire of choice is a refusal to actually get dressed. He chooses the whole pajama look all day if we are not going out.

The boy loves comfort, especially his  'one piece'. But, there is a rule. A very important rule in our house. He is not allowed to wear the onsie outside of the home.

We had a discussion yesterday regarding his insistence on wearing it to the local shops. Not happening on my watch! I have no problem with any superhero outfit being worn as I collect my groceries, but a one piece is my limit - we have standards! (FYI, Tig found my discussion with Tae on this very amusing)

So after getting dressed in jeans for the shopping trip, back home the one piece was slipped back on - and then off.

Obviously he then decided to go out in the garden for some scooter time.
It is April and 11c, but the boy does not care.

Nothing says style like wellie boots and pants! I'm just impressed his boots matched his top;)

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