Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Walk

We visited my MIL for Easter. Its a 6 hour road trip, but as always the boys were great. Both took turns having a doze and the Tae enjoyed looking at the fjords we drive past while Tim got out his iPod.

There was a lot of relaxing to be had, but I squeezed in a walk right up to the top of the mountain with the boys, my SIL and the cousins. 

We had to tackle a steep road before we even hit the mountain path!

Tae did a great job keeping up and even tried to give his big brother a piggy back!

The views from the top are certainly worth the walk.

Cousin I. took control of Tae and looked after him for the whole walk. He certainly loves his big cousin and happily held her hand most of the way.

The cousins other cousin T., brought along his dog and they all had lots of fun running along with her. Cousin E. does not like dogs at all and he kept a safe distance back at all times.

After a while it was back down the steep hill to Farmor's house. Both I. and Tim helped Tae down the steep slope, bless them.

We were out for over two hours and the loop at the top of the mountain is 2km alone. Tae did a great job keeping up.

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