Saturday, 27 April 2013

Boy Scout!

Tim has really got the boy scout bug. His troop is really active. There always seems to be an event to attend or a new skill to learn.

Last weekend he spent all Sunday on a mountain orienteering from activity post to post. At each post his patrol had to solve a problem or an create object with limited resources. Everything from food knowledge to first aid was covered. Out of 18 patrols taking part, they won 3rd place :)

On Friday night he headed off again. This time to attend a weekend regional competition event for the Norwegian National Scouting Cup 2013 .

He was excited to get everything together. He learnt a great deal the last time being out in the cold -17c temperatures in February. He made sure he had lots of warm clothes options with him. However, the temperature should be over 20c warmer this time!!

He even gets to try out his new walking trousers this time!!

Tim is actually a third generations scout. Both my dad and Tig were active in the scouting movement for years. Before he headed off  in his fancy uniform we took a picture of him holding an old photo of my dad in his scout uniform taken over 50 years ago!! 

We need to try and have my MIL see if she has any of Tig too;)

Then off he went!!

Very excited and proud. His patrol is called Bjørn - translation in English is The Bears! 

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