Monday, 1 April 2013

Boat Watching

Tae's LOVES any type of transport. After planes, boats come a close second.

The best part of visiting my MIL (apart from spending time with her;) is that he gets to travel on 2 ferries to get there! So much excitement I can tell you.

However, once there, the real fun begins....

MIL has the most beautiful view of the sea and harbor  Which means a constant supply of boats and ferries coming and going. 

You have no idea the joy this brings. He spends hours just watching them and shouts out extra excited when the ferry comes into the port!!

 No smiley face pictures.That would require him to turn away from boat watching and look at the camera! Not going to happen - simple pleasures are the best.

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  1. Enjoyed all the beautiful photos. Thank you. Loved Tae's new Hanbok too. Did you get it on line? Belated Happy Eater to you all.