Thursday, 19 July 2012


It was quite fun to go ashore in Cannes as we had to go in by tender. They actually use the life boats to ferry everyone back and to.

For the record, I have decided that if we cruise again I will check out the lifeboats of any potential ship. These were fabulous and gave me lots of confidence;) 

The French coast is gorgeous and not the worst view to wake up to in the morning.

Tim bought some new shades on the quayside and I tried quite unsuccessfully to get a nice photo of the boys with the ship in the background. Tim would not stop gripping Tae very tight as I'd sat them on a wide ledge. It was not dangerous at all, but he is soooo protective of his little brother. Thankfully MIL was so much eaier to photograph!

We walked into the town and headed towards the old quarter in search of a drink stop.

After walking up a very steep street, we found a shaded cafe!

Then as the theme continues, we had to check out the local food market!

Tim found a fan in the shape of a banana! It was very useful, however, Tae may have trashed his after a couple of hours!

Since Tig and I did not have banana fans to help us cool down, we headed back to the ship to solve the problem in a more sensible way!

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