Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ice Bar

While the boys went to Kids Club, the adults treated themselves to a visit to the icebar.
(FYI - the boys LOVED kids club and wanted to be there much longer than we ever allowed - I like family holidays with my children;)

I challenge anyone to look stylish in this poncho, but MIL and I did try!!

Why I used the word treated Im not sure! It was seriously freezing in there. Obvious I know, but even with the gloves and thermal suit, I have neverneeded to down 2 vodka cocktails so quickly in my life so we could get out of there!!

How Tig managed without putting his hood up I have no idea - must be the Viking blood! MIL found it as cold as me.

The camera also agreed it was too cold and didn't work properly, hence the blueish photos in nearly all the photos!.

I will add that although sweet, the cocktails were yummy.
They were also served in an ice glass, just incase it was not cold enough;)

Love Tig's expression - It's his I can't believe I agreed to this face!!

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  1. Wow, I've never.ever.seen that before! Totally digging it! (But of course, I'm not the one in the freezing cold! :) Hahaha!) Really neat though! ;)