Tuesday, 17 July 2012

First days of the cruise!

A certain person who is crazy about boats has been very excited about going on a 'croosseship'! Id promised Nana a picture of him when he first caught sight of the ship itself.

He was fasinated and took it all in.

Once on ship the rest of the family were eaqually happy.

Exploring the ship was great fun and watching from our balcony as we left the port of Barcelona was very exciting.

A quick nap was needed once we were at sea to catch up before our week of cruising began:)

When Tae woke up it was full steam ahead for the evening out with the rest of us.

After a good night sleep and a yummy breakfast (eggs, brann muffin & yogurt) it was time to discover the pool!

Tim played in the pool with Tig and Tae sat and played beautifully on his beach towel with his dumper truck and cups of ice cubes! (I may have been relaxing & reading my magazine;)
Soon it was time to check out the big pool, obviously he had to have his big brother by his side.
 Tae soon realised it was much more fun to pour water over Tim's head than actually get in the water with him.

Luckily he has a big brother who happily joins in.

While Tig and Tim carried on playing in the main pool, Tae was far more happy pottering around the splashpad with his favourite sea creature, the starfish.

After a day relaxing and getting into cruise mode, we got all dressed up for an evening of great food and fun.

We ate at the Steak House and the food was delicious. Tim certainly enjoyed his steak!

Tae was a little too tired in the restaurant and chilled out his way instead.

He did perk up later when it was icecream time though;)

He enjoyed being kind and helping Pappa go to the bar and get everyone their drinks.

Peas in a pod??

By the time the sunset it was time for our beds. All that relaxing was hard work!


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