Thursday, 19 July 2012

Lunch in Naples

The first stop the ship made was to Naples. We decided to have an easy day, and have a walk around town, do some shopping and have lunch!

We went past the old castle before we headed into the town. It was a seriously hot day!!

I think we managed 300 metres before we stopped for a cold drink at a cafe.

After cooling off, we went and looked around the local suprermarket. Yep! We live life on the edge:) We also have an 11 year old who loves to walk around food shops when on holiday and check out all the local products. He ended up buying some local dried pasta to bring home and cooked meats to snack on.

Lunchtime was approaching so we needed to find somewhere local to eat.

We went through some back roads and along some cobbled streets until we found just what we were looking for!

The owner/waiter had limited English, but we managed to order OK.

We ordered a variety of dishes. I had Gnochi with a tomato sauce, Tig and MIL had pasta and Tim had tomato and mozzarella cheese on foccacia bread.
After that we strolled around town a little, checked out a local shopping centre which was located in the most beautiful old building, then head back to the ship!

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