Thursday, 19 July 2012

Rome in a day

Tig, Tim and MIL spent 10 hours on their trip to Rome. Since we were aware that it would be a very long, hot, busy kind of day, I volunteered to stay on the ship with Tae.

I have already spent a week in Rome with my best girlfriends years ago and had seen all the main attractions. Rome is a city we plan to go back to during spring or autumn when Tae is a little older.

So while Tae and I enjoyed a nearly empty ship and a day by the pool the others headed into Rome!

First stop was St Peter's Square

Inside the Vatican

The Colossium was where Tim really wanted to visit.

At the Forum learning about Ancient Roman politics - I'm guessing Tim looks a little weary by this time

The Trevi Fountain - Tim enjoyed throwing a coin in and making a wish.

From all the feedback the day was great - how be it rushed and long. Tim liked the Colossium best. They had lunch at a small Italian resaurant which was tasty!

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  1. I'm so jealous of your amazing vacation! Looks like so much fun!