Sunday, 29 April 2012

Trip to the farm

  Tae cycled, Tim scootered and Tig and I tried to keep up.

This was Tae's first trip out on his new bike. (We may have been a little ambitious going all the way to our local farm)

The sun was out (not seen it too recently) and it was open day at the local farm:)))

So off we went!

Tae did really well. He cycled most of the way by himself. Most help was with the steering. His feet coordination was fine, and when he concentrated he could steer no problem (he has a special talent to steer right through e.v.e.r.y. puddle). But to stay focused and look ahead was a challenge on a busy road. Lots of exciting cars, buses and trucks to look at! It got much better when we hit the lane to the woods.

Once at the farm, Tim met his friend and disappeared. Tae enjoyed looking at the pig, sheep, lambs, hens and horses.

Yes, that may be my son, sneaking behind a prickly bush to talk to the hen;)

After checking out  the animals, it was time for an ice cream break. Note Tim managed to find us when it was icecream time!

A certain member of our family became very tired and had a total break down on the way home. He was not a happy boy and has a distinctly loud scream when he wishes to express this! Once home he played on the floor with his cars for a while, then climbed onto the sofa and under one minute we had peace.....

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