Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A New Look!

We have an unwritten plan when it comes to upgrading our house and furnishing.

A kind of agreement.

A list of things we have casually chatted over and prioritised for the next few years.

Things like new dressers and a fitted wardrobe for our bedroom. Landscaping the garden. Underfloor heating in the hallway. A new kitchen. New sofas.

Everything on this list has a rough timeline depending on a lot of things, nothing is really urgent, somethings we specifically have decided to put off purchasing (please reference this later;).

So, we decide to start with dressers and have scoped out a few, but wanted to recheck the ones we think we actually want.

As we walk through the shop, we obviously have to mooch around all the other departments. Get a feel and refine what we actually want when the time is right for all the other things on our list.

As we went through the sofa section we tweaked our criteria list. A large corner sofa or 2 three seaters, hard wearing fabric in a medium to dark colour - brown/blue. Must be comfy and deep seated. (reference criteria)

I will also add at this point, we had specifically agreed that a new sofa was waaaaay down on our list. Just in case you hadn't noticed, we have 2 boys, aged 3 & 10 years old in our house (reference the age and word boys for later).

So to sumerise - The last thing on our list is new sofas. When the boys are older we will be looking for either 2x 3 seaters or large corner and in a dark, no stain showing colour.

Yep - We have been known to be a little spontaneous and go with our gut instincts. When we like something - we just like it!!

Hence, we have bought new sofas. A 2 seater and a 3 seater in cream!!!!!!!!!!!

Please look at referance point 1 2 & 3. Yes, we had not planned to buy sofas anytime soon, they are not the size we discussed and completely a colour that was NOT on our radar, especially with 2 young boys.

However, they seem happy with our choice:)

They are lovely and VERY comfy, and hey, we may be in our 4th decade, but we still like to live life on the edge;)

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