Sunday, 22 April 2012

Loving Books!

Let's say that Tim Loves many thing in life! One thing he has a love-hate relationship with is reading.

He hates the thought of reading - or starting a new book, but loves it as soon as he is a couple of pages in.

It tends to be flood or drought around here as far as his home/enjoyment reading goes.

What works for him is if he can get hooked into a series of books. Then it's usually full steam ahead.

We started out with Horrid Henry and Beast Quest in English then moved onto Taynikma and Bjørn Sortland books in Norwegian. These were the main series he covered. We also have had quite a few other books in between, including Harry Potter.

However, recently he could not find any books or series that he loved. Until he started reading the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan!!! Yay.

Please note, he has had the first 2 books since Christmas, but refused to open them up. Well, during Easter, I decided it was time and put him on at least 30 mins reading each day. Soon he was hooked. He loves the books and it is wonderful to hear the excitement in his voice as he talk about them.

He started book 1 then, and just over 2 weeks later he is already half way through book 3!! Thank you Amazon for quick deliver of the rest of the series;)

So we are good to go until the summer. Now.... All I have to do is find another series of books to hook him into for then!!

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