Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

The weather cannot seem to make it mind up. It has gone from rain to sun to snow and back to sun at least five times today:)

So this year the Easter egg hunt was inside. Even though Tim and his cousins are older, they still find it lots of fun and exciting.

They were sent to the basement so that the eggs could be hidden. When we were ready they came up!

This year Tig hid the eggs around the house and he did a really good job of it. It took them quite a time to locate them all.

They had to locate little plastic eggs and an eggcup with a little chocolate egg in it each! Everyone had a different colour to collect.

Tae was especially excited when he found his first egg with sweeties in. He LOVES all things sweet and I do not even want to think about all the sweeties he has eaten already!

Eggs were hidden on top of shelves, behind curtains and in plant pots!

They collected 2 of their own and then helped each other.

Not sure if looking for the eggs or eating the sweeties afterwards was the best part;)


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