Friday, 20 April 2012

Pappa's Pizza

In true Norwegian tradition we quite often have pizza at the weekend.

So we are quite the pizza experts in our house.

Quick Pizza History
Tig refuses to buy the most common 'shop bought' pizza called a Grandiosa (or any other frozen pizza). In fact, when I first came to Norway, I'd heard so much about it, I asked if we could have it one evening - apparently it was not an option:( I ended up buying it when he went out one night - very junky pizza, not that bad, but wouldn't describe it as good either.

Then you have the 'chain' take away pizzas. Dolly Dimples and Peppe's Pizza. Both made fresh, great choice and they deliver, but expensive - enough said:)


A few years ago Tig decided that he would learn to make pizzas himself from scratch. We have not looked back. They are far nicer than anything we have ever bought! 

Over the years he has experimented with different doughs, toppings, tomato sauces and cheeses. We pretty much have it all worked out now!

We love it ALL. Tim far prefers what he refers to as Pappa's pizza than any other.

We have now entered the Italian style - thin and crispy phase. Tonights offering were 4 pizzas:

Serono ham
Tuna & Capers (my favourite)

Tim's contribution is to make the dip to go with it. ( He got tips from his friend O, that it was far better to mix your own from the spice rack than to buy the ready made packets).

Seriously yummy - a major family tradition around here:)

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