Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tim's Table

Tim has just completed a woodwork rotation at school. This year they cover needlepoint, woodwork, knitting, and 'a secret' (he will not disclose this information to his mother).

He loves all the art lessons and his Super Mario Mushroom cross-stitch was fabulous! I love how they learn how to do the stitches by making a pin cushion and then were were allowed to create their own design.

I think he found all the measuring, sawing and sanding in woodwork the most fun.
He was very proud when came home with his table.
He based his design on a smiliar table I made at school that had wooden beams between the legs!
He did not have time to varnish or paint his table at school, so Tig set up a painting station in the basement for him to finish the job. (he may have also helped him even out the legs a little so it was not so wibbly wobbly:)


The finished result!!!

Now, I'm quite curious what the knitting section will bring:))

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