Saturday, 7 April 2012

Beach Time (in the snow)

Since our normal walking place has a little too much snow this year (the access road has not been cleared), we had to think of a different option to get some fresh air.

So the beach it was!!

The fact that it was 1c and the snow was falling heavily down was not going to stop us:)

All day it had snowed heavily for 30 mins, stopped and the sun comes out for 30 minutes - repeat!

When we arrived it was rather snowy with little visability. However, that was not a problem for Tim and cousin I as they went off to the sea edge.

Tae was a little sceptical (as usual) and hung back waiting for Tig to take him down onto the snowy sand.

In fairness, Im not convinced Tig was too impressed either;)

Finally the snow stopped and the sun came out and so did the smiles:))

The fresh air was lovely and Tim and cousin I got to run around a bit.

Tae was brave enough to walk right up to the big waves with Tig and Tim.

I think we even got a smile from these two;)

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